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A forthcoming mother

Marilia is going to be a mother in about 2 months’ time and she wanted some images to remind her the pregnancy days. Actually I believe this is the main purpose of photography; to be able to catch these moments … Continue reading

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Shooting for GoGreen

GoGreen is a landscape design firm aiming at turning your garden into a paradise on earth. With the employment of cutting-edge technology, you are able to view your garden in 3D, “walk” into it and see how it will look … Continue reading

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Shooting a Director

Haris Therapis is a film director and the owner of UnitrustMedia. The shot was performed to an abandoned warehouse. Our aim was to create an underground mood that express Haris personality and the style of his work. The setup was … Continue reading

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Shooting for “Stranger than Paradise”

“Stranger than Paradise” is a very warm place located at Aglantzia, Cyprus. The whole bar is crafted within a real rock mountain and it’s truly amazing! When photographing the place we wanted to highlight that feature, which is the one … Continue reading

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Slow Shutter Speeds

Luna parks are good subjects to experiment with slow shutter speeds. Long exposures require a steady camera: 1. Mount your camera on a tripod. 2. Connect a cable release. 3. Set “Mirror Lock Up”. 4. If your lens comes with … Continue reading

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Why you want the lens hood on all the time

Most lenses are shipped with a dedicated hood. Its purpose is to diminish lens flare. Lens flare is caused by light rays hitting the lens elements diagonally. As a result, the shape of these elements appears in the final image. … Continue reading

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Update your Nikon Software

Owners of Nikon equipment should check this page periodically in order to keep track of software  updates. The installation process is very easy and straightforward. Just follow the instructions given.  

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